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Why Invantage?

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Sense of Urgency

From the moment your organization decides to grow or enter a new market, we offer rapid deployment in days or weeks rather than months for planning, recruiting and setting up in-house operations.

Cost Effective

We offer low monthly rates (no recruitment fees) and discounts for long term commitments. Furthermore, there are no employment obligations resulting in lower risks and lower costs.

Results Driven

In a world where many pundits tell you what to do, we actually do with you: We excel in implementation. We are focused on recruiting partners, establishing distribution networks, creating product and service awareness which translate into attestable activities, pipeline and sales.


Strategies and go to market tactical activities can be modified rapidly to react to changing conditions or for targeted campaigns. Resources can be adjusted according to your desired results or to accelerate speed to market.

Skills Match

Numerous industry contacts, affiliations and relationships built over many years by the team engaged with InVantage allows offering a unique service. For your specific assignment we strive to contract, deploy and manage demonstrably successful personnel with strong knowledge and contacts that clearly match your specific domain, geographic and vertical market requirements. Supported by a strong in-house management team, this approach allows us to 'hit the ground running' i.e. be effective from day one.


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